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2 years ago
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I was looking through the PLUS Model Magazine, and there was one feature that actually made me feel bad for the model. She is super stunning, which makes me feel bad for saying this, but this whole feature with her really made me never want to wear floral print. Aside from MAYYYYBE one outfit, I didn’t like them… at all. Totally unflattering! Just look at it for yourself.

If it weren’t for the model being absolutely gorgeous, that whole entire shoot would have been a bust. I don’t know, maybe there is someone out there who would actually wear a matching floral jacket and high-water pant set, but it DEFINITELY won’t ever be me, unless I go blind, or die and someone wanted to play a cruel joke on me… just sayin

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Names Ally. Just moved to NY. I love music, computers and food. I have serious body issues, so if you have nothing nice to say please fuck off and/or die. Thank you =D

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